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State of the Bart

Would you like a millimetre extra? Barbershops are more than just glorified hairdressers for men. They are a spa, meeting point and retreat. Visiting Miguel Gutierrez, famous as Nomad Barber in Berlin, London and on YouTube

Mr Miguel Gutierrez, 14 years ago, back in the day, you were only 16 and you decided to become a barber. A picture is said to have sparked your interest. What is so special about it?

Why did this leave an impression on you?

Did the barber's trade appeal to you as well?

Your timing was excellent: the barber business has been booming for years. When did you first realise that you might become part of a huge trend?

Today, almost every town has a hip barber shop. How did that happen?

Nowadays, men seem to have a renewed interest in proper attire, celebrating their vanity, investing in grooming their beards. Have barber shops had anything to do with this?

You have won numerous awards, have 100,000 follower on instagram, about 130,000 subscribers on YouTube and shops in London and Berlin. You even have more plans: your very own webshop and care products. When did you realise that you could become a brand yourself ?

Your first trip lasted a year. You travelled five continents, met countless barbers and portrayed them. What did you learn during this time?

What social status does a barber have in India?

What is the situation like in Turkey?