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Traditional and innovative craftsmanship

Taking your time, enjoying the peace and quiet for a moment and leaving the hectic pace of the new day outside the bathroom door. That’s shaving culture, as we call it in the Ore Mountains, where the MÜHLE manufactory has been based for the past 75 years. Today, the family business in its third generation stands for sustainable products that are created by hand with genuine dedication. With contemporary and timeless design, avant-garde shapes and classics of wet shaving, tradition is just as important to us at MÜHLE as constantly looking to the future.

Whether shaving brushes, razors, safety razors, bowls or the right care product, the best materials combined with consistently sustainable business practices, that’s what MÜHLE is all about.

Products for cosmopolitan people. Made in Stützengrün.

COMPANION meets art

To celebrate the launch of the new COMPANION razor, we collaborated with renowned artists Oskar Rink and Robert Seidel, as well as filmmakers Ertzui. The result is colourful, inimitable, entertaining and intuitive - much like the ritual of shaving itself.

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