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For experts and those who want to become experts: an extra-steady hand is needed when wet shaving with a safety razor from the TRADITIONAL series.

But with a little practice, the morning ritual will soon become a pleasure you won’t be able to do without – precisely because it requires you to pause and take a little time out. MÜHLE manufactures this classic shaving accessory with detachable blades in two versions.

The safety razor with open comb facilitates a particularly direct shaving technique for the most discerning of experts. Shaving with a closed comb is a gentler experience, although the result is just as precise and thorough.

The most pleasant of all care rituals is, of course, a matching shaving brush. A classic product made of chrome-plated metal, optionally also in black, or a little more exclusive with an alloy of rose gold.

TRADITIONAL - Razor in Sterling Silver 925 (Limited Edition)
MÜHLE Leather Strop
TRADITIONAL - Razors (Twist)
TRADITIONAL - Shaving Sets
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TRADITIONAL - Shaving Brushes
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TRADITIONAL - Razors (Grande)
from $79.00
ACCESSOIRES - Chrome Shaving Bowl
ACCESSORIES - Razor Blades
from $5.00
ACCESSOIRES - Shaving Brush Holders
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