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Rethinking classic form. The VIVO series is a contemporary update of the original shape of a shaving brush. The handles display the archetypal, bulbous curvature. The inversely curved base of high-gloss chrome evokes memories of traditional shaving culture while guaranteeing a secure fit in the specially developed holder with plastic insert. MÜHLE manufactures this newly interpreted classic from high-grade resin and plum wood.
ACCESSOIRES - Razor Holders
from $45.00
ACCESSORIES - Razor and Shaving Brush Holders
from $62.00
ACCESSOIRES - Shaving Brush Holders
from $57.00
VIVO - Razors
from $82.00
VIVO - Shaving Brushes
from $70.00
VIVO - Shaving Sets with Shaving Bowl
from $204.00