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These contemporary and exquisitely smooth products from the STYLO line go to show that keeping things simple is often the best approach. With their conical shape, these products adapt to the ergonomics of their owners. STYLO uses chrome as an eye-catcher, combined with high-grade resin, which doesn’t lose any of its shine even after many years. Elegant with reddish shimmering thuja, the root wood of the link cypress with its intense grain. New with a material that looks unpretentious only at first glance – the hammered beech forms an attractive contrast with its accentuated lines.
ACCESSOIRES - Razor Holders
from $45.00
ACCESSORIES - Razor and Shaving Brush Holders
from $62.00
ACCESSOIRES - Shaving Brush Holders
from $57.00
STYLO - Shaving Sets
from $329.00
STYLO - Razors
from $135.00 $169.00
STYLO - Shaving Brushes
from $119.00