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Simple, clear, masculine. That’s what the ROCCA line is all about. Linear design meets sleek stainless steel. Like no other, this material stands for cool elegance and extreme robustness. But MÜHLE even goes one step further – the jet-black coating of diamond-like carbon is many times harder than steel. A finish doesn’t get any more durable than that. This also applies to the first colour-coordinated holder, which is available both on its own and in the ROCCA line set. The version made of elaborately layered birch bark is more delicate in appearance, but is just as water-resistant and durable. Timeless beauty that’s here to stay
ACCESSORIES - Razor Blades
from $5.00
ACCESSORIES - Razor and Shaving Brush Holders
from $62.00
ROCCA - Razors
from $164.00
ACCESSOIRES - Razor Holders
from $45.00
ROCCA - Shaving Brushes
from $169.00
ROCCA - Shaving Sets
from $419.00