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With the travel companions from MÜHLE, you’re perfectly equipped for every business trip, exciting city trip or relaxed family holiday. Whether a removable shaving brush or a compactly designed shaver, MÜHLE travel accessories are attractive, functional and light. Plus they’re extremely durable, of course. Brush housings and razor handles are made of anodised aluminium in silver and black or chrome-plated metal. And the low-maintenance Silvertip Fibre® brush hair can handle anything and dries quickly. This means that your shaving set can be immediately put back into the hand-made cases made of leather tanned with a special vegetable method.
TRAVEL - Travel Shaving Set with Leather Pouch
from $128.00
TRAVEL - Anodised Aluminium Shaving Brush
from $11.00
TRAVEL - Leather Pouch for Traditional Safety Razor
TRAVEL - Chrome Shaving Brush
TRAVEL - Chrome Razor
from $66.00
TRAVEL - Travel Shaving Set with Leather Case
from $152.00
TRAVEL - Leather Bag
TRAVEL - Manicure Set
TRAVEL - Anodised Aluminium Razor