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Design as a statement: RYTMO features a minimalist, conical form that stands in deliberate aesthetic contrast to the striking lines of the chrome-plated base. The result is a series that catches the eye in the variations high-grade black resin and high-grade petrol resin, as well as brushes and razors made of heat-treated ash wood. The holder in the RYTMO line offers reliable protection against scratches with a sophisticated detail, namely a plastic insert, which interlocks with the metal and fits like a glove.
ACCESSOIRES - Razor Holders
ACCESSORIES - Razor and Shaving Brush Holders
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ACCESSOIRES - Shaving Brush Holders
from $44.00
RYTMO - Shaving Sets with Shaving Bowl
from $139.00
RYTMO - Shaving Brushes
from $45.00
RYTMO - Razors
from $52.00
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RYTMO - Shaving Sets
from $120.00
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