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What experienced barbers say about the ENTHUSIAST PRO:

I love this straight razor

“I love the Enthusiast Pro. There’s a bit more blade exposure on the Pro than on a standard straight razor, which means you can get in at the corners, creating precise contours as well as offer a nice, close shave. The weight of the razor is also great, and it’s a pleasure to use.”

Connor Mcleod,Founder and manager of CMC Barbershop

A beautiful piece of equipment

“The Enthusiast Pro straight razor is a beautiful piece of equipment, you will not find a better looking razor on the market! The best feature I believe is how easy it is to put in and replace the razor blade without the worry of having to place it just right. The grooves and indents to make sure the blade is not bent, exposed too much or too little makes sure you get a close shave and limited time spent preparing the razor and the razor blade.”

Oran Lasocki,Head Barber / MÜHLE London